Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to KOLAD

Café Reminiscence , Safarnama . Kolad

Café Reminiscence , Safarnama . Kolad

Recent visit to Kolad with Vini & Tukur was refreshing & a perfect weekend outing, 150x2  KM drive thru lush greenery & intermittent rain  make this journey memorable .
Cliffs of nearly all mountains were covered with clouds & most of the route after exit from Bomby-Pune Expressway at Khopoli is not having much of habitat only 1 -2 places less than ½ KM route we found some crowd ,Almost 80 % of the drive was thru jungle only . Garam Chai  en route was just what someone can wish for.
ZBac Farm where we  had booking was not that great , poor aesthetics of the hut type room , 40 W incandescent lamp give sad feeling ,also it was quite humid , we had  enough reasons to skip adventure sports at approx 1 Km walk @ Sutarwadi Lake , instead we prefer to drive around & visited Pooja farm & other surrounding areas. Pooja farm lake water ascend more than few meters what we had seen during our previous  7th May ,12 visit , now water is already inside fence & only few meters away  from rooms , their famous Thai style huts legs ,already submerged in water make whole farm looks beautiful .
Next morning after checking out we visited Hans farm , they had few rooms on lake side road & waterfall just back of the rooms was in full throttle , extremely beautiful & scenic , finally we visited Sutarwadi Dam , panoramic view from the dam was just awesome.

A relaxing , comfortable trip , Enjoyed !!!


  1. The way you said it, sounds refreshing :)

  2. The main attraction of this charming village is white water rafting at Kundalika River... on Trip to KOLAD


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