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It is often said that Chocolate  is a way of life ,It’s having a character , fun , life ,indulgence , a sort of joie de vivre ,sometime associated with Sex also , amazing !! , it has got stress relieving property  also. I always categories  people, those who like chocolate & other who don’t. I normally don’t have good tuning with those who don’t eat chocolate  unless they are too old & of previous gens. If u luv life & yrself , chocolate is must,

Some chocolate Quotes ;
“There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who love chocolate, and communists. “ Leslie Moak Murray
“My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.”  Alicia Silverstone
“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! “ Charles Schulz

We may find thousands of poems on chocolate on the internet.

Buying chocolate & liquor at airports is always fun , especially when you are buying in $ or in other currencies  .I feel like  a child while filling my cart & more than that chocolate is fav gift for kids & they just luv it , feel happy to have lots of chocolates ,such feeling gave me immense pleasure  & I always utilised opportunities to buy chocolates.
After all chocolate brings happiness in all sizes and flavors ....& for all sizes.

Reason for writing this Chocolate post is not only due to my liking for the chocolate , but to express that some food varieties can also bring real happiness & one can really indulge in it ,In fact one can buy happiness , isn’t it ! .
During our recent visit to Bangalore , we visited "Corner House Ice parlour" serving Chocolate named “ Death By Chocolate “ or DBC as popularly called , Tukur liked it instantly & immensely , I too had it once & like the stuff. During our 3 days stauly at Bangalore we had visited same Corner house parlour for all 3 days that too after crossing half of the city .

In Mumbai CCD is OK , mainly for their locations e.g. Bandstand   ,  other one is   “Costa Coffee “ at Khar (w) , Café is in posh area of Khar & always occupied by niche gentry , great ambience , seating  both inside & outside(preferred)  beautiful road with huge tress lined on both sides , posh residential buildings , also few bungalows , nice place to drive thru on a weekend , they have some delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate sauce.
Search is still on for more . .

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