Friday, September 28, 2012

Do we really Love Mumbai ? then why so many posters ?

Mumbai Posters

This Ganesh Utsav season there are too many posters with their leaders pictures (funny) are placed everywhere by various political parties  ,this  filth gifted to Aamchi Mumbai by very own residents. I had counted approx 300 posters between Marve junction to Infinity mall on Malad Link road within approx 1.5 Km distance, 1 or 2 posters on each & every Light pole & plenty near pandals  . Mumbai lovers have done exhaustive research to find open spaces where a poster can be hanged, well done Mumbaikars !! Also Thanks ! to Mahanagar Palika for charging 125 Rs for each poster & for initiating poster war among various political parties.
Mumbai has approx Total 1950 KM of road network , means Mumbai has been loaded with more than 4 Lakh such posters ,i.e. wooden frame , synthetic cloth/Paper/colour , where this garbage will go afterwards ? on shanties roofs , Nallahas , or will remain hanged here n there in bits & pieces  & wait for aerial degradation , a real environment disaster .
Apart from usual Chamcha posters for B’days, arrivals , promotions , now a day’s greetings on every festival is becoming norm here & all parties are in competition to grab as much space as possible .Why don’t we learn good things from other countries . Rest of the world don’t put posters on Christmas  & south east Asia on Buddha birthday or on Chinese new year or other local festivals, they put decorative lights , lanterns ,& other decorative items placed aesthetically  , but we prefer to put posters n posters & sponsor’s banners only .

Solution : As all political parties are involves , political/governmental solution may not come , until unless new age young party leaders/workers come forward to stop this nuisance. 

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