Wednesday, November 7, 2012

99th Post :Zindaagi Rocks @ Bacardi NH7 Weekender Music Fest Pune

Café Reminiscence:Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Café Reminiscence:Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Café Reminiscence:Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Café Reminiscence:Bacardi NH7 Weekender

It was not planned , while having morning tea & scrolling thru news papers on leisure last Saturday morning  , Sid suggested for this Musical extravaganza @Pune, I said Yes , Nicx as usual, was ready for any outing nd long drive, she was too excited for her 1st ever music live fest..I was not knowing that it may turned out to be one of the best Weekend or rather memorable weekend ,I ever experienced  In fact after reaching home back on Saturday night at 2 AM after 4+4 hrs long drive , we again got up Sunday morning & went for Grand Finale  & reached the venue on time @4:30 PM.

What a place "Amanora Park" signature Hiranandani dome building , artificial lakes ,Thai huts (pic) with legs submerged , 6 stages , parallel shows , for which I was not happy as we had to choose between 2 fav. performers  i.e. Indus Creed Vs Kailash Kher as both were schedule for the same time slot , anyways ..
Food stalls , 2 Bars by Bacardi & Eristoff , Food stalls ,Music store & other handicraft & merchandises, accessories ,lush green garden , just sit there in groups n enjoy ,pleasant November weather, what else one can expect .

OK that was about the venue , now the show ,Million watts of thunderous blast , Piccadilly lighting , Lasers ,Variety of musicians from India & abroad ,We specially liked Australian "Karnivool" for their high voltage music n  well Synch lighting  ,Buraka Som Sistema fr Portugan with their fusion Techno beats with Afro-Kudroro genre music,  Bombay Metal Project  , for their high octane metal sound with non understandable lyrics,Rob The Bank DJ for dance ,DJ Michal Merent ,Indus Creed was rather not up to the mark, 
Vir Das"Alien Chutney was good in  well timed jokes & funny Lyrics e.g. Pappe you're a dude if u got the Man boobs & comparison between Delhi & Bombay girls , funny Harry potter and Himesh Reshm'a etc.

Whole environment was electric , charged , Young beautiful well dressed guys n gals in shorts , minis , almost  a fashion fiesta .Here we feel proud of being part of the well behaved Bombay Pune crowd as there was not a single awkward or indecent incident happened in spite of close proximity , darkness , booze , smoke etc. etc. Luv u Bombay ...Fantastic.

Such a great satisfying rocking experience , Yahhooooooooooo.


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