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The Mumbai Film Festival 2012

Café Reminiscence

Had been to Mumbai Film Festival (18-25 Oct.2012 )  , Total 254 movies from all over the world were showcased under following categories ;

  • International Competition
  • Above The Cut
  • World Cinema
  • Busan Selection
  • Rendez-vous with the French Cinema
  • Celebrate Age
  • The Real Reel
  • Film India Worldwide
  • Celebration of Italian Cinema
  • Restored Classics
  • Celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema
  • Kabul Fresh: New Voices in Afghan Cinema
  • Dimensions Mumbai
  • New Faces in India 
  • CinemaIndia Gold 2012

  • I was able to watch 13 movies & would like to mention some of  them which I really enjoyed . It was not a well management event , specially at INOX, Nariman point where maximum nos. of movies were shown in all 5 cinema halls, they used to issue tickets for each n every show inspite of having ID which was issued for the whole event ,. any movie , any where ,.There were long ques & watching back to back movie was really painful .Cinemax Versova & Tata NCPA had no such system, just go n sit, first come first., anyways that's how we are.

    • Die Virte Macht ( German) or The Fourth State : Deserves a Separate post .

    Café Reminiscence
    Aprés Mai (French) or  Something In The Air :

    This French Movie is about an adolescent 17 yr old high school student who is an artist , a new age painter and who is also a part of a small revolutionary school students group who revolt against school management & wanted more freedom  , Group of 5-6 students paste anti management posters & graffiti on university wall during night time , while escaping from the university campus after being chased by the guards they hit one of the guard who got seriously injured , and one of the fellow student got implicated , Later on this small student revolution which happened in 1960's , sparked mill workers to fight for their rights , freedom and to take participation in managing the factories which is called 1960's revolution. which later on spread to other neighboring  countries like Italy, Poland etc.This young movie is about portrayal of  French society in 1960's , students life ,social activism , philosophical ideology & French art works.Portrayal of Protagonist school boy Gilles journey as a student of the painting when France had art forms called "Pop Art" , which has painting of attractive nude women , his affairs with 2 girls who are strong & have their own concept of life, specially Alain who is in love with Gilles but prefers to remained committed to the revolution & leave him to join other activist  group .Film has portrayed free society  , artists workshops on media and  cinema,tons of smoking , booze , nudity , sex , hasish ,hippies like culture but what I liked is the artistic essence & philosophical aspect of the life , teenage boy n girls involvement in the social movement , who are very clear in their thoughts and goals & work hard to achieve what they feel is right for them ,movie is like admiring a masterpiece art where individuals can interpret same painting in their own way.. An artistic movie , insight of French & Italian society ,so different then conventional movies , Fantastique ,a must watch.

    Café Reminiscence

    La Vie D'Une Autré ( French)  :Another Women's life :

    Movie is centered around  Marie (Juliette Binoche)  who awakes one fine morning and realizes that last thing she remembers that has happened  15 yr back ,means she forgets everything whatever happened in last 15 years , the last thing she remembers is her 3rd meeting with Paul whom she fell in love with . She later on finds out & feels happy that Paul who is a cartoonist is her husband & he works from home and having  office at upstairs only , but her joy vanishes as soon as she came to know that she is not the same women in fact she is a famous business women and managing a large company  & has separated from the man she loves. She is now known as a   shroud business  women , who never visited her ailing father who is no more now & never supported her mother .She then tries to become who she was 15 years back & wants to bring Paul back in her life & spent time with her 7-8 year old son & support her mother..An unusual plot and acting by French movie goddess Juliette is just beyond comparison.

    Café Reminiscence
    Die Wand ( Austria/Germany) :The Wall : 

    Based on a novel by Marlen Haushofer , brilliant creative story , with every scene we expect something will happen , a women trapped inside invisible walls some where in picturristic Alpine jungle  and only has a dog, cat n a cow as her companion & things visible on other side of the walls has no life , everything is stand still ,Movie has beautiful cinematography , and shows human survival in such horrific conditions ,Complicated .. yet  , concept was highly innovative but lacks events & slowly you loose hope for any surprise , then it just ends ..In my personal layman views there was enough scope for a fast action packed mysterious thriller , an idea just remained unutilised forever.A sought after movie in the festival due to artistic contents & unique theme.

    Café Reminiscence

    California Solo : 

    A Scottish expatriate running from his past & would like to settle in southern California , working as a farm manager & selling organic products , who is a musician as well , once he was a lead guitarist of  a popular British pop band "The Crank" , which got dimanttled after death of his older brother Ted, due to drug overdose , he wanted to forget his past  and is living life in total isolation , until he was caught by the local police for drunken driving which made his life more complicated as he had no money for the legal proceedings & is now facing threat for getting deported back to Scotland . Unwillingly he takes his divorced wife's help to get out from this mess, there he meets his teenage daughter and they both share some good moments , I was so involved with the movie that I just wanted that he should gift the guitar to his daughter who also used to play guitar ,in stead of selling it to meet his legal expenses.Performance by the lead actor Robert Carlyle is the soul of this beautiful movie, his rustic looks also suits the character he played of a pop musician.

    Café ReminiscenceSmashed (USA):

    Kate who is having a good life , partying , drinking , music & having a loving husband , One day, while teaching in her class, she finds herself in a difficult situation when her elementary school kids find her vomiting & ask her is she's pregnant? and to hide the truth about her over drinking habit she lied to them & also to the principle , after realisation of her uncivilized acts at a grocery shop and sleeping at some strange places ,she then joins a group called AA who helps individuals to get rid of the alcoholism.Although theme of the movie is " I am an alcoholic " but for me it is about an individual fight with herself/himself , to tell the truth and got fired , and realisation that her non working alcoholic husband infact wants her to remain alcoholic so that he also can escape from his responsibilities.

    Café Reminiscence
     My Brother The Devil (UK , Arab) :

    I was looking for an Arabic Egyptian  movie , which turns out to be a British Arab movie of 2 Egyptian brothers who are growing up in  backyards of down town London   & involves with drug trafficking , younger brother admires his smart and strong handsome elder brother until he finds a bitter truth about him , quite similar to our own Hindi movie , but with stealing  performances by young , looks like Indian movie , nothing much.

    Do-nui Mat : The Taste of Money ( South Korea) : Korean movie 


    Café Reminiscence
    L'Intérvallo (Italy) : The Interval :

    A young girl was kept as a prisoner by a local goon  inside some old factory as a punishment for her involvement with the rival group guy , an ice cream ( Ice Gola) mobile small time vendor boy named  Salvatore was forced to accompany her and to make sure that she remained there .A light slow movie and no romance , they both share things about their life , struggle at this young age .No heroic incidents and girls finally surrenders and accepts her fate.

    Salvatore ....  . name reminds me of one of my Italian colleague , with whom I really shared some good professional time during  a project execution few yrs back.

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