Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival :Café Reminiscence

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival :Café Reminiscence

Kala Ghoda Art Festival was held from 2-10 Feb 2013 at South Mumbai .We went there on last day , it was crowded  , I specially liked that being an art fest , it just not remained an exclusive arty affair , in fact it was attended by all walks of society , kids , young , old , all class ,we  mango people , amazing.found tooo many young photographers with their SLR's , a golden oppu for them may be mass media students or passouts. We were interested in Salim Merchant live show , held at Asiatic society steps , unfortunately being a small place or rather mis managed , it was barricaded , and entries were closed as it was already full ,we remained standing for more than 1 1/2 hrs , tiring.Anyways it was a good exp.
Special mention for the class pic The Godfather as our own Thakur , wo bhi ek carry bag mein , fantastic , creative.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sula Wine n Music Fest 2013

Been to SULAFEST 2013 on Saturday 2nd Feb.2013 , after 140 KM drive from Thane we reached there around 1:30 PM , entry fee was 1400 Rs , there was no welcome drink or anything , Bar at 1st floor was crowded , it was like musical chair ,snacks were too expensive, I found BPO crowd only there , maybe I am now biased with NH7 Weekender , which was an unforgettable experience ,there were 10-12 food stalls just at the entrance, food was OK , also reasonable priced but open area seating  was quite uncomfortable as it was quite hot. After a session of wine , than Lunch we again went back to the bar as there was no choice either , had another round , finally at 5 Pm only we came down to see music programs , names not important as both the Indian bands were really bad , almost dead volume , no energy  , we decided to left the place which seems to be just getting warmed up  as more n more people seen coming, but found it boring. it was decided to go to nearby river side, clicked few sunset pics , that’s it. 
Quite disappointing experience , Expensive for the services offered , bad music.

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