Sunday, March 27, 2011

Babu Bhai & Me

Stray Dog
I met Babu Bhai ( dog in 1st pic) during our picnic @Gregery's home ,Vasai , I instantly liked him specially unique name as Babu Bhai . totally different from so called Jimmy , Tommy , Lucky etc.
2nd one is stray from our society , look almost same as Babu Bhai .
For me Stray dogs always look inoceient , just luv them , part of our circle  during my childhood time , when we used to take our 2-3 street dogs along with us to football/cricket play ground every Sunday.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bolly Train scenes


Trying to make a series of posts based on my fav Bolly train scenes , like IJAAZAT ,Dil Se , Kala Bazar , DDLJ ,JWM ,as I always fond of Train journey & Luv all Trains scenes .Hope to start soon.

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk
Café Reminiscence

 I do not know , but I am always fascinated with this Hindi word " गोधूलि ",and the meaning associated with it.
Go ( Cow) worshiped by we Hindus.
It was decided long back , that if I ever own a big house , I will name it “Godhuli” OR “Sharanam”.

गोधूलि शब्द का अर्थ हॅ - गो + धूल = अर्थात गायों के पॅरों से उठने वाली धूल।
पुराने समय में जब गायें जंगल से चरकर वापस आती थीं तो पता चल जाता था कि शाम होने वाली हॅ। इसलिए इस समय विशेष को गोधूलि बेला कहने लगे। अर्थात संध्या का समय।
Evening time the cowherds bring the cattles back home & eager to embrace their  calves , the loose red soil of the kachha pagdandi (road) blown in the air by the Cow’s khur (feet) , form red clouds & Sun appeared red , the this particular Dusk time called “Godhuli Bela” or magical twilight . Which is not just any particular time of the day , but symbolizes Indian Kissan  way of life .
2nd Picture was taken from TOI ,way back in 2002 , traced finally ,as I just luv the scene.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nawal Al Zoghbi _ Aghla El Zabayeb

Café Reminiscence:Nawal Al Zoghbi _ Aghla El Zabayeb
Café Reminiscence
 I liked this video/song , superb picturisation , her anxitey while calling him from booth, cord got wrapped around her , the way she holds receiver (like Mera kuch samaan..) . My caller tune for 6 months (abroad) , Beautiful Lebanese Singer.I recommend this song to all , even though I do not understand full meaning , So What !!     Rishtey !! 
.Link: Nawal Al Zogbhbi

The best Preamble : The Parsifal Mosaic : Robert Ludlum : The Mole

File:Ludlum - The Parsifal Mosaic Coverart.png The best Preamble of a Novel , gr8 reading , i still remember how thrilled i was while reading that book , finished reading in 2 sittings only.
  The Mole : Even after more than 20 years , I still remember use of word " Mole" in this Novel , a thrilling book ,I was addicted immediately after reading few pages: 
Preamble:Michael Havelock's world ended on a moonlit beach on the Costa Brava. He stood by and watched as his partner and lover, Jenna Karas, double agent, was coldly and ...efficiently gunned down by his own agency. There's nothing left for Havelock but to get out, quit the game. Until, in one frantic moment on a crowded railway platform in Rome, Havelock sees Jenna. She's alive - and suddenly Havelock is a marked man, on the run from both US and Russian assassins. Racing around the globe after his beautiful betrayer, Havelock is trapped in a massive mosaic of treachery created by a top-level Mole with the world in his fist - Parsifal ...........
Link : The-Parsifal-Mosaic

Ye Raaten Ye Mausam-DILLI KA THAG

Somehow I was searching for this song , finally got it.
Tender ,slow , soft song.Kishore Kumar again.

Link :Ye Raaten Ye Mausam-DILLI KA THAG

Sawan Ke Jhule Pade Hai Tum Chale Aao : Jurmana

Good movie during Amitabh's peak time , Triangle with Vinod Mehra , other one similar team was Bemisal.Somehow i like Vinod Mehra as a true romantic hero , who can flirt anybody.
Popular during multicast movies.
Song is just beutiful.

Link :Sawan Ke Jhule Pade

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor,Katrina, Khuda Jane, Rajneeti

I started liking this boy , 1st Bachna Ai ..,then Wake up Sid , then Rajneeti.
He as Samar Pratap really stole the whole show, overshadowed everybody , even Ajay & Manoj Bajpai.
Western educated Sauvé , elite ,cold blooded .I just loved every frame of him , Powerful performance with grey shades ,specially ;
Sitting on sofa watching news.
Hugging Kat , after getting her approval of marriage  (business) & eye contact with Mama ji.
Stage scene , his dressing of white Linen coat.
Scene with Babu lal , asking for phone call detail 
Gr8 performance , Thanks to Prakash Jha for experimenting with Kapoor , they do not belong to YRF/KJO only !.
  Also wake up Sid , was smooth.
Then final assault in " Rockstar" u rock Ranbir.
Then Barfi! , awesome , laughter n tears in same package!

My fav song among all Ranbir's.
 Link : Khuda Jaane

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry Bola :Surf Exel - Daag Acche Hain

Café Reminiscence:Sorry Bola :Surf Exel - Daag Acche Hain
Café Reminiscence

I am fond of these  Surf ads, Sack race , Sorry bola.
I remember i always asked Tukur to go to play ground & come home dirty , playing with matti is so fun , just re call those nostalgic time of yr childhood .
Now a dayz I wonder why kids are not enjoying such activities ,interested in  keyboard.

Link  :.

Braveheart @Fukushima

As reported there are >180 staff members are still working in high radiation zone area at Fukushima nuclear pant to safeguard plant & to avoid  disaster  & to save thousands of human lives. Most of them know they may or may not survive radiation , 5 nos. already missing during  earthquake .
What a commitment & determination , to save human lives , their company & above all nation.
Salute to them!

Tesu (Palash) Ke Phool

Café Reminiscence : Tesu ,Palash
Café Reminiscence
Recent business trip to Raipur/Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh was  good , moreover travelling in between small towns & seeing  kachhe ghar . Greenery , water ponds ( many found there)  , Seeing village men/women washing cloths on Pond /river steps ,boys diving ,Animals , Khet , is always enthralling.
Reason to blogpost this trip is Tesu , I was delighted to see lots of Tesu trees &  Holi season  is blooming time for Tesu , such a beautiful tree/flower , natural color/dye , having traditional value , as  dry Tesu flowers were being used to make colors for Holi .Tesu is also having literary value like Cactus ( liked by Poets)
.I heard there are good handicraft items are available , but was unable to get some due to time constraint.
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