Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miss u Jordon

Café Reminiscence :Rockstar

Something unusual is happening , it is almost 2 months or 60 dayz , we i.e. myself Tukur & Sid didn't watched Rockstar on our DVD , otherwise it's a routine , every fortnight or max a month.Reason may be Tukur Exams , I too is busy , but it is felt that somethin is missing in our life , but we promise u JORDON that soon or may be from next month after exams we will resume our old fortnightly routine i.e. Watching Rockstar , a celebration of Aspirations , Dreams , Luv, Rishtey Music , auur na jane kya kya .......miss u.
Jaldi mein ho ..
Chal aaa jaa...
Bus tuzhe yahin hona hey..

Friday, February 21, 2014

In Search of Palash (Tesu) के फूल

Café Reminiscence :Palash
Café Reminiscence :

Blooming season for this beautiful Jungle flower , in olden dayz palash petals were used to make natural colours used in Holi , now we can say organic colour.I  found this flame like flower at almost all areas en-route towards Dhudhani (UT).Somehow I luv this bright Orange flower for some reason , jungle flowers attracts me more than regular garden flowers .

Weekend visit with friends to Neertal Tourist complex Dudhani in Dadra Nagar Haveli (Union Territory) , was fantastic , enjoyed more than what I was expecting that too in dry season of Feb.

It took almost 4 hrs to reach Neertal Govt. guest House , Dudhani from Malad , 40 minutes were wasted at Fountain hotel junction due to repairing of bridge towards Ahmadabad exit . Route is via Silvasa & Khanvel to Dudhani ,total 140 KM , approx 10 KMS we can say is bad road due to rain , rest is average like any other roads other than highways.We reached there at 10 PM ,just before Govt. guest house these is van vihar observatory , it was full moon & Madhuban Dam or reservoir panoramic view was just awesome.

Place is having all water sports like boating , kayaking , water scooters , aqua biking etc. also a house boat. Government guest house is situated at the bank of reservoir , it has a beautiful scenic  view of jetty & island . Our rooms were on 1st floor , block is having twin bedrooms with large common living room .

It was drizzling on Saturday morning , now weather is unpredictable rain in Feb ? , it was quite cold there nearly 16 Degree C , As there was no kitchen in the guest house we had snacks at a private resort just 2 KM before guest house , resort has many rooms & swimming pool we had our cocktails near pool side & got our dinner packed , food was tasty , well prepared.Most of the village huts in UT area  were constructed from bamboo & mud , many were painted with Warli paintings .

There is also an Island , and a village on other side , hourly boat service is available ,including barge type ferry to carry car & small trucks , autos etc.Water & also  jetty was quite clean , happy sign ,otherwise polythene & garbage seems to be an integral part of any water fronts in India.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


कई दिन हो गए परिंदों के feeder में दाना नहीं डाला
शोर भी नहीं हो रहा नहीं तो वो सुबह से लेकर शाम तक शोर मचाते रहते थे
घर पर सब कहते थे की कितना शोर मचाते हैं कई बार सुबह सुबह सोने भी नहीं देते
आज कल काम बहुत है , वक़्त नहीं मिल रहा , monetary  सपने जो chase  कर रहा हूँ
थक कर सो जाता हूँ बस , लेकिन कई दिनों से नोटिस किया , नींद ही नहीं आ रही
सोचा क्या वज़ह हो सकती है , काम से तो कभी ऐसा पहले हुआ नहीं , होता रहता है , लाइफ का routine  है फिर ?
कहीं और कोई कमी तो नहीं , या शायद वो परिंदों की आवाज़े जो अब नहीं आती वज़ह हो सकती है
सोचता हूँ दोबारा feed करना शुरू करूं , सुनूँ उस शोर को ,महसूस करूं फिर से
शायद  वो याद दिला  रहे  हों  की वो भी एक  जरूरी  part  हैं मेरी लाइफ के
लगता है ये ही सच है और वज़ह भी i

गीली मिट्टी

Short Story : While chatting with my niece on Whats'up , I just texted few lines to her spontaneously , then thought why not post it , added few more lines , and here it is ;

कल रात को सोते हुए ऐसा लगा कि दरवाज़े  पर  कोई है .
सोचा रात को इतनी देर कौन हो सकता है
दरवाज़ा खोल कर देखा कोई नहीं था
वापस बंद करने लगा तो देखा की फर्श पर लाल गीली मिट्टी के कुछ निशान बने हुए थे
जैसे कोई लाल गीली मिटटी   से सने पांव के निशान छोड़ गया
लाल मट्टी और यहाँ , कैसे , यहाँ तो होती नहीं , फिर ?
लगता है कोई गाँव से आया होगा
क्या कोई मुझे याद दिलवाना चाहता है उस मिट्टी की
कहीं मैं वो सब भूल तो नहीं गया
कौन होगा या होगी ?

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