Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miss u Jordon

Café Reminiscence :Rockstar

Something unusual is happening , it is almost 2 months or 60 dayz , we i.e. myself Tukur & Sid didn't watched Rockstar on our DVD , otherwise it's a routine , every fortnight or max a month.Reason may be Tukur Exams , I too is busy , but it is felt that somethin is missing in our life , but we promise u JORDON that soon or may be from next month after exams we will resume our old fortnightly routine i.e. Watching Rockstar , a celebration of Aspirations , Dreams , Luv, Rishtey Music , auur na jane kya kya .......miss u.
Jaldi mein ho ..
Chal aaa jaa...
Bus tuzhe yahin hona hey..

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