Friday, February 21, 2014

In Search of Palash (Tesu) के फूल

Café Reminiscence :Palash
Café Reminiscence :

Blooming season for this beautiful Jungle flower , in olden dayz palash petals were used to make natural colours used in Holi , now we can say organic colour.I  found this flame like flower at almost all areas en-route towards Dhudhani (UT).Somehow I luv this bright Orange flower for some reason , jungle flowers attracts me more than regular garden flowers .

Weekend visit with friends to Neertal Tourist complex Dudhani in Dadra Nagar Haveli (Union Territory) , was fantastic , enjoyed more than what I was expecting that too in dry season of Feb.

It took almost 4 hrs to reach Neertal Govt. guest House , Dudhani from Malad , 40 minutes were wasted at Fountain hotel junction due to repairing of bridge towards Ahmadabad exit . Route is via Silvasa & Khanvel to Dudhani ,total 140 KM , approx 10 KMS we can say is bad road due to rain , rest is average like any other roads other than highways.We reached there at 10 PM ,just before Govt. guest house these is van vihar observatory , it was full moon & Madhuban Dam or reservoir panoramic view was just awesome.

Place is having all water sports like boating , kayaking , water scooters , aqua biking etc. also a house boat. Government guest house is situated at the bank of reservoir , it has a beautiful scenic  view of jetty & island . Our rooms were on 1st floor , block is having twin bedrooms with large common living room .

It was drizzling on Saturday morning , now weather is unpredictable rain in Feb ? , it was quite cold there nearly 16 Degree C , As there was no kitchen in the guest house we had snacks at a private resort just 2 KM before guest house , resort has many rooms & swimming pool we had our cocktails near pool side & got our dinner packed , food was tasty , well prepared.Most of the village huts in UT area  were constructed from bamboo & mud , many were painted with Warli paintings .

There is also an Island , and a village on other side , hourly boat service is available ,including barge type ferry to carry car & small trucks , autos etc.Water & also  jetty was quite clean , happy sign ,otherwise polythene & garbage seems to be an integral part of any water fronts in India.

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