Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me & Nostalgia

I feel like I am getting weak emotionally yr by yr , may be it is something to do with the kind of blogging I am doing , mainly about reminiscences & ruminations , also I do remembering dears & luv(departed) ones more often .Also getting too involved with my movies ,during my college dayz /afterwards & specially with my 3 friends I never had such emotional weakness,we normally used to laugh, only afterwards i developed this habit or rather I  inherited it from my mother , who kept on reminiscing her fav movie scenes ,mostly tragic.
Bad it is!!
No, Yes , No ,May be I am enjoying this , as such involvement keep me busy & urge me to luv them more & more !!
Same time I am sure that I am less revengeful (scorpion) now , ha ha .

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Parinde @ Home.



Installed Bird Feeders & Nests , outside kitchen balcony grill , now I am having regular visitors as Sparrow , Pigeons & Parrots. Interestingly Parrots are now challenging Pigeons  , who earlier were afraid of them .
Also noticed they all like Bazra more than other cereals.
Such a wonderful feeling watching them having their food , their fights , various postures etc.
Thanks to

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dilip-Raj Kapoor-Dev Anand: The famous Trio & Dev Anand

Dev Anand  Dilip Kumar  Raj Kapoor Trio

Too much written & said about this famous trio of Indian cinema , which was formed in 1940’,50’s & 60’s.
Persona , depth & magnitude of these czars of Indian cinema was much bigger than any other stars , trio has left a permamnnet niche for themselves in hall of fame of Indian Cinema. In fact then PM Pandit Nehru even invited all three together to New Delhi, which is a rare photograph (pic), Also Pandit ji took this famous trio along with him as part of cultural delegation on his first official visit to the Soviet Union in 1955. Only other rare photograph of this trio ( pic) , where these big beloved stars looks inseparable young friends , without any star doldrums ,as far as I know as a movie buff  trio was never seen together again ,of course 2 might have met some time , somewhere , but trio , never .
All 3 never worked together , only Goldie thought of bringing all 3’s together ,however Dev-Dilip worked together in 1955 Insaniyat & Raj-Dilip in 1949 Andaz . Raj –Dev had totally contrast filmy images & never worked together , also it was never tried , other reason may be that both have their own production companies a.k.a. Navketan which was formed in 1949 & RK banner in 1948 .We may say Kapoor’s & Anand’s formed 1st & 2nd Families of Indian cinema , where Raj Kapoor marched ahead of Dev Anand & Dilip ,as other Kapoor family members spread the wings of Kapoor khandaan . Raj Kappor was tagged as Great & only Showman ( don’t insult this tag with Ghai) of Indian cinema. There was no such apparent rivalry between them , as they all have their own dedicated fan following , however media has created some competition for Raj & Dev , in case if their movie released at the same time , like Johny Mera Naam Vs Mera Naam Joker .

Dilip was undoubtedly a better actor among them , sensitive & intense performer & mastered the art of tragedy & heart breakups and was tagged as Tragedy King , later on he made good attempts in comic roles & achieved huge success like Ram aur Shyam & in song like mere paroein min ghungroo etc. Dilip was having good female fan following too .Raj was more of a Charlie Chaplin , sabka barabar haq ideology , caring for poor , purane kapde , rich-poor conflict , down to earth socio-comic theme roles ,which most of the time were underlined with hidden social massage , pain & agony of a common man, he was also hugely popular in Russia , also he had green eyes like them. Dev had a distinct style & mesmerism of his own He was rather a suave, urban ,stylish ,flamboyant ,fashionable ( red pant in Amir Gharib) man, had a flair for haute couture, who can forget his Scarves , bright colors , tons of hats, caps , sweaters ,layer of jackets , gabardines ,black shirt and his charming swagger. He was too energetic ,he was like Bombay or I say Bombay is like Dev , always on run , never say die , hope for millions , forced them to dream for big . Dev characters has some noirish inclinations , Gambler, black marketer , thief , smoker , flirt, but he never worn torn/dirty cloths , exception may be Guide (scene where he was sleeping ( song : wahan kon hey tera) .It was said that he was not allowed to wear black shirt , as women got fainted , & he was constantly asked in many interviews , which he denied as some rumors. Dev was a true democrat ,as seen during Emergency & his conflict with congress government , which continued till Sanjay Gandhi .Freedom & individuality is of prime importance for him .His family life was always looked with suspicious & as Mona never accompanied him in social & filmy gatherings & award functions , but as per his philosophy of life & who care’s attitude , he never tried to forced her to Act in real life also & never really bothered to clarify , as he was always short of time & his restless mind was always busy with new ideas .Simi’s 2004 Rendezvous show he said She is an individual & is busy with her own friends & religious commitments ( she was catholic & remained ) & at the end of the day they also seat together on dining table & spent time with their family , however she used to accompanying her abroad for shootings , Mona was with him when he got few ribs fractured in London few years back

 Oh again I am off track , as post is for the 1st Indian cinema triumvirate, but emotionally ,writing about Dev Anand has it’s own free flow & always joyful ( sad now) , I think I also inherited some joie de verve from my Father , Scorpion ( we both) & from Dev Anand , my mother had more of a Nargis & Meena kumari ( Dil ek Mandir) type liking , emotional.

Now come back to the trio again .

Teams & Music:

Raj Kapoor : His camp has primarily Mukesh , then Shankar Jaikishan, Shailendra & Lata . Shailendra was a genius & due to touching & meaningful wording & simple Mukesh singing all his songs were great success & always had a dedicated following . Raj had good sense of music .Raj kappor had huge success as director like Barsaat , Shree 420 etc but was heart broken after his philosophical dream project Mera Naam Joker failure , which is mine & Dada ( my eldest bro) favorite movie. dada hated Jis desh mein .. ,as it lacks the artistic contents & depth & Raj Kapoor conflicts, as dada is fond of his famous classics like Shree420, Awara etc.

Dilip Kumar : No such camp but most of his songs were from Naushad, Shakeel Badayuni & Mohmd. Rafi , few songs by Kishore & Mukesh also . It is dilip kumar who’s songs gave footings to the legendary Mohammad Rafi . Mukesh , Mohd, Rafi , Talat ruled the Indian music in 40’/50& 60’s with occasional hit songs form Kishore , Hemant Kumar & Manna Dey .

Dev Anand : Sachin da gave music to Navketan 1st film Afsar & afterwards he became the permanent member of all Dev Anand's movies, Sahir Ludhiyanvi & kishore , later RD formed team Dev Anand. Majrooh Indeevar,& Kavi Neeraj also gave many hits for Dev. Surprisingly Kishore name was synonymous for Dev , but it was Mohammad Rafi who gave his & Dev Anand best songs like ( Tere mere sapne , Din dhal jaye, Khoya Khoya , Meim zindagi & Tere ghar ke same ),( Separate Blog post for Dev & Mohammad Rafi soon) . Infact Kishore Kumar used to sang only for himself & Dev until Aradhana gave him wide recognition & he ruled the music world afterwards & sang 98 % of all songs released for some years & nearly put all other male singers on sidelines ( Hashiye par) .Thanks to Prakash Mehra for not including any romantic song in Zanjeer , as for the same reason Dev had declined Zanjeer , which gave desired break to the Amitabh & the movie became a turning point for Amitabh & for Hindi Cinema too ,and a Superstar as an angry young man was born. Dev Anand’s performance excelled under Goldie directional ventures & together they made classics like Kala Bazar ,Guide ,Tere Ghar ke Samne ,Johney Mera Naam , Jewel thief which is seldom referred as the Bible for suspense movies .
His initial directional movies got some success , Hare Rama Hare Krishna was a cult , Des Pardes , Warrant , Amir Gharib were hits & others flopped , still movies made before Des Pardes were watchable with great music & for the sake of debonair Dev , like Gambler , Sharif Badmaash & Joshila by Yash Chopra. I also like Goldie’s Tere Mere Sapne & Basu’s Man Pasand with Tina & Girish Karnad.

Later on Raj Kapoor acted in few movies after Mera Naam Joker & produced a blockbuster & trendsetter movie “Bobby” as a launch pad for his son Rishi , while Dilip shifted to supporting but powerful pivotal roles & there also he was appreciated like Shakti , Saudagar , Mashal etc. but evergreen Dev continued his journey as a hero , refused to grow old ( someone said he was 22x 4 yrs old) ,only stopped by god himself at 88 , while he was scripting his next movie “ Songs of Life” .Oh!!

I stopped watching his movies after Hum Najuwan & was deeply unhappy about those dud movies he was making , but always luv to see him on television, his interviews , I remember his intelligent Thanks note ( Life time Achievement) at IIFA @ Johannesburg , remarkable , infact Sunil Gavaskar liked it so much , he said listening to such great personalities itself is a such an enjoyment more than any stage act. Dev never commented on others & always encouraged & recognized new comers & other rising stars , which others big fading stars fail to accept , for the same reason he was well respected by Amitabh/Dharmendra/Rajesh/Khans & Kapoors & others , I remember Once Shashi Kapoor told media in 1970’s that Dev Anand films 1st show still draws more crowd than present day superstars , also read Rishi Kapoor’s tribute in other blog post.
Also Dev Anand was fond of reading & was socially aware of what’s all happening around the world & was in touch with internationally renowned artists & was global in his approach from the very beginning of his career.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dev Anand’s memorial service 16th Dec.2011.

Memorial service was held at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai,for the legendary actor, producer and director Dev Anand.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dev Anand : joie de vivre.

Dev Anand : joie de vivre.

The Evergreen Debonair , Eternal Romantic hero ,known for his joie de vivre finally bids adieu to the Indian cinema at the Young age of 88.

I have listed some of the  quotes from Indian film fraternity as mark of their respect for Dev Saab , as he is fondly called.

1. Rishi Kapoor : I bent to touch his feet , he said no , instead he hugs me & told me “ We youngsters should some time work together “.A man of my father’s age called himself young , yes he was always young, like my son Ranbir. His energy was infectious. He was always full of joie de vivre, inspiring everyone around to be as full of life.

2. The Greatl super star Rajnikant & family : Superstar Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan were among those who remember's evergreen Bollywood actor Dev Anand, saluting the  actor, Rajinikanth, his wife Latha Rajinikanth, daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya and sons-in-law Dhanush and Ashwin in a statement here said 'Devanandji, we had the proud privilege of taking your blessings, shaking hands and giving you a hug as we humbly offered The Legend award two-years ago. All of us here, who were part of that evening, are so moved today'.'We salute your zest for life and your spirited energy for work. You will always stay in our hearts. We love you so much and we will miss you..', the statement said.

3. Rajesh Khanna :Actors like Dev Anand (people of endless spirit) are legends and ‘legends do not die’. He was my inspiration. In the 1970s, four of my films were hits, but the business of his single release, Johnny Mera Naam, around the same time, surpassed all of them.

4. Hema Malini: Dev Saab did so many things in his life: acting, writing books, producing and directing films. Even now, I am amazed to think of his marvelous energy. His energy levels could easily match up to that of a 20-year-old. No one word can describe this enigmatic personality who had his unique style of dressing, a livewire who charged all people around with his energy and life-state. Not a moment have I seen him sitting ( during Johny Mera Naam) in a relaxed manner on the sets, but constantly creating, planning and discussing films and the shoot ahead.

5. Amitabh Bachchan first tweeted about Dev saab, he was still praying that the news wasn't true. 'Just reading news about Dev Saheb .. praying it is not true ! He was such a positive person .. never associated death with him .An era has come to an end .. Dev Anand leaves a void never perhaps to be filled again .. his never give up belief, his joy of life!"

6. Waheeda Rehman : He promised me the role of a lifetime, and gave it to me in "Guide". I still fondly recollect the song sequence, "Tere Mere Sapne" in "Guide", which we shot in just two takes. Dev was divine in the scene. Dev Anand had the most beautiful toothless smile. Very sad to here this news. He was my first hero and I did maximum films with him. He was the finest and most decent man in the industry and we are all going to miss him. We learnt so much from him because he had so much energy in him. I used to tease him 'Dev you are like an Eveready battery'".

7. Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray :"The Love Bird has gone... “This was how Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray mourned the demise of evergreen actor Dev Anand “After he completed his day’s shooting, we would meet and often walk down to the nearby Charni Road station. He would get into the first class compartment while I would enter the third class coach since I was a pass-holder,” Thackeray reminisced, We met in parties, gatherings, ate together. He always talked and walked a lot...,Suddenly, my friend has gone away. I feel like meeting and talking to him. But he has left us from far away London, this is really painful. “

8. Manoj Kumar : Veteran actor Manoj Kumar remembered Dev Anand as a perfect gentleman and a thorough professional , Once Dev Saab called me & told me ,Manoj , “give me Hare Rama Hare Krishna title “ & he hung the phone , such apanapan & adhikar , His dressing style , muffler , he was true style icon.

9. Lata Mangeshkar :Bollywood's Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar remembers Dev Anand as a man who was very fond of classical music, had a zest for life and never looked back or regretted anything.

10. Anupam Kher: So as a Tribute to Dev Saab let's only humm his Songs today. Songs which became such an integral part of our lives. Ahbi na jao chodkar...

11. Khyyam :Legendary music composer Khayyam said that Dev Anand always made unique and modern movies.

Love you Dev Saab ... .

Finally Mid Day Quote :   And now, he'll charm the gods above!
Oh ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev Anand : The eternal Romantic hero

Dev Anand

Regret for not meeting him , though I tried , but I failed  to put much efforts, therefore I feel myself getting punished, for not able to see my Idol , I should be , I used to watch all of his B&W movies , made during my mother's generation ,  but still I liked him  , his mesmerism , style , Music, his Zest for life.
Dev Anand . Kishore , SD/RD, Sahir , Goldie ,Rafi combination have contributed some of the greatest movies & music to the Indian film Industry.

I Love you Dev Anand.
Forever Dev Anand.

Dev Anand : (1923 - ......) Forever

Dev Anand , Guide

Shocked , Broken , Speechless .

May his evergreen soul rest in piece.

" Dev-aan"....... ( His father used to call him).

Romancing with Life :

"My younger brother (Goldie) was so attached to me & I to him that I always carried him on my back , as I went out in the evenings to play with my friends.Sometimes I would play cricket ,at times hockey or gilli danda , but mostly Marbles -Marbles of different sizes & hues,combination of green & blue , and yellow ,orange & brown,and of the off-white of the soda water bottles ,I had bagfuls of marbles that I had collected , having won them in games from my neighbour's sons,and pals in the street.They were my prized collection, for I was an ace at playing marbles .Every time I aimed at one from a given distance , it would hit the bill's eye to the dismay of the other boys participating in the game.They were all jealous of my prowess .One day as I proudly jingled the marbles bulging out of my pocket , some of them spilled out , rolling down a slopy patch of ground .As I started chasing after them , I heard my father calling out " Dev-aaan "and there he was......................."

I will miss you , Love you always !!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rockstar : Noir

Rockstar , Noir , Ranbir Kapoor

I am in Luv with this hoarding , I feel like seeing it  somewhere at a place like Juhu/Bandra . Well placed location ,stark  Black colour , Ranbir expressions , attitude , hair style ,everything... is so eye catching , awesome ..

Also the Scene when Shammi Kapoor glanced at the hoarding next to the road and smile , which says " my prediction about this young boy was right, who is already on his way to becoming a mega star."

It is unusual to post multiple posts for the same movie ,but whenever I close my eyes, specially while travelling , I found it is getting played over & over again .Infact I am enjoying this rumination & felt like having my joie de vivre , interestingly I found this in a movie which has a tragic ending , where Protagonist lost his luv & is angry with himself ,even after achieving what he dreamed of since his child hood.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jordon (Ranbir) : Wardrobe & Guitar Strap Memorabilias

Rockstar , Ranbir Kapoor , Sadda Haq

Excerpts from official web site of Rockstar , so much research & ground work was done by team R* ,hats off to them. Read full details of each & every memorabilia there , those who love this movie will find it very interesting .

Key Elements in Jordan's Wardrobe "

Air Force Jacket

German Military Helmet

Police Shirt

Nehru topi with badges

Qawwal Jackets

Prague Jester Jacket

Patiala Salwars

Head gears

Neckpiece: His first broken guitar string , pick & a smallcompass .

Jordan’s guitar strap : Memorabilia

Mother's old saree border +

1. Key of my trunk

2. Indian flag

3. My roll number in college

4. Single Earring

5. Rust Coloured Cloth

6. Jai Mata Di Chunni

7. Metal Falcon: In Prague

8. The Tibetan Flag

9. Bronze Coins: By Buddhist monk

10.Freedom tag

11.Australian Mountaineering Badge

12.Star: A Russian soldier gave me

13.Butterfly Badge : A little girl in Laddakh gave me

Link Official site : Rockstarthefilm

Heer : Dead or Alive !!

Rockstar , Ranbir Kapoor ,Nargis , Nadaan Parinde
Heer is dead or in Coma !!
Question remained un answered .
1st time when we saw ,  it was concluded that she is dead.
2nd time : She is in coma.
3rd time : Confused , my heart says she is alive but in coma , but logic says she is dead as her soul meets him @ parinde.
Being searched in Google by many !!
So much invlovment !!
Any idea ?

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