Friday, December 2, 2011

Rockstar : Noir

Rockstar , Noir , Ranbir Kapoor

I am in Luv with this hoarding , I feel like seeing it  somewhere at a place like Juhu/Bandra . Well placed location ,stark  Black colour , Ranbir expressions , attitude , hair style ,everything... is so eye catching , awesome ..

Also the Scene when Shammi Kapoor glanced at the hoarding next to the road and smile , which says " my prediction about this young boy was right, who is already on his way to becoming a mega star."

It is unusual to post multiple posts for the same movie ,but whenever I close my eyes, specially while travelling , I found it is getting played over & over again .Infact I am enjoying this rumination & felt like having my joie de vivre , interestingly I found this in a movie which has a tragic ending , where Protagonist lost his luv & is angry with himself ,even after achieving what he dreamed of since his child hood.

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