Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev Anand : The eternal Romantic hero

Dev Anand

Regret for not meeting him , though I tried , but I failed  to put much efforts, therefore I feel myself getting punished, for not able to see my Idol , I should be , I used to watch all of his B&W movies , made during my mother's generation ,  but still I liked him  , his mesmerism , style , Music, his Zest for life.
Dev Anand . Kishore , SD/RD, Sahir , Goldie ,Rafi combination have contributed some of the greatest movies & music to the Indian film Industry.

I Love you Dev Anand.
Forever Dev Anand.


  1. I was reading the newspaper today and his son told that we will not bring his body here in india as per his last wish.

    Dev anand told his family that he never want to show his fans his tired and dead body he alwaz wantes to be remembered as energatic,romantic hero.

    what a thinking dev saheb..i m touched....

  2. Even I wud have loved to meet him...but...fate!!!!


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