Friday, November 18, 2011

Auto Wala Vs Police Wala : Sadda Haq

I came across very interesting incident , Auto wala (Ashish) narrated me yesterday ,how he fought with one police man (PM)  for auto fare ,who was refusing  to pay 25 Rs fare  for being  a PM , who also threatened Ashish , demanding all originals papers etc .etc. , but Ashish followed him up to his PS cabin & keep insisting for his fare  & finally  PM was forced to pay Ashish ( also warned) his dues after getting firing from his Sr.officer .
Anna effect may be!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rockstar ***** :Avant-garde

Rockstar , Ranbir Kapoor , Imtiyaz Ali , A.R. Rahman

Sadda Haq   , Why Not , that I should also be fed emotionally & intellectually ,apart from usual necessities just for living , but I do not have enough choices , we have YSR’s/KJO/Khans/Akshyas /Shetty’s/Falana /Dikhana’s.  Their movies reminds me an incident few yrs back,we around 8 colleagues watching block buster KKHH in Bharuch , I was laughing & teasing my fellow collegue , who was shedding tears , I left the movie half way as I had to catch a train , but the point is I never tried to watch remaining part , as nothing had actually happened , which drove me to watch remaining KKHH .

Seldom I feel Why YSR is not directing another Deewar/Trishul , Why no more Khamoshi/Guide /Bandini/DCH/ Izzazat /HKA,anyways as a movie buff , I have different slots for all genre ,Pot boilers , comedy ,romance , action . difference is in the ignorance as I did not come across Rockstar before ,also my recent stimulations with “ Bridges of a Madison county , La vita è bella ( Thanks wanton ascetic) , Meet Joe Black"  etc led me to differentiate bet’n good movies & real good movies.

I am forced to make a detailed posting, as movie got stored in my sub conscious mind ,being getting played anytime , anywhere unknowingly , Similar to (Khmoshi) Waheeda climbing the staircase holding Meghdoot in her hand & Dharmendra seating on reclining chair & song Tum Pukar Lo being played, is still as fresh as if I watched it yesterday only, while leaving the hall (Rockstar) we all 4 had some questions & our views why ,why not ,why he/she ……we discussed the same till late night , then I realized that it had pick the right brain chords , It reminds me of the page 204 of “ Romancing with life “ Guide premiere feedback .

“ The film left them stunned .there was no cheer on their faces,only a look of puzzled bewilderment ,as they stood up and walked out in silence after the last fade out . Goldie & I were at the main gate to thank them for their gracious presence at the show , but they walked out as if in mourning after a funeral…………” Later on people found more meaning in it & Guide was declared as Classic, Rockstar hit the chords in the very first show , Sid was telling that @Jaipur full crowd was in synch with Sadda Haq & they had full blast.

OK enough , leave those nostalgic revelations and come to this Saga called “ Rockstar ”

Bravo….. ,What a movie ,Avant-garde, stirred my soul , my senses , also a visual delight frame by frame, Razmataz & a complete entertainment package , seen after long time . Thanks to Imtiyaz Ali tour de force, I was very much sure that this Movie & Ranbir-Imtiyaz combination would hit my soul, dying to see this Extravaganza which has all the elements , needed to make a successful movie Alas , Nargis ( another lucky one for RK) as Dil todne wali machine , perfect ice candy & as basic as Vanilla , even Mishra as Halwai /manager is likable , bitter-sweet story, great screen play , beautiful cinematography by Ashok Mehta , I think he might have put so much efforts last time may be in his own venture (Moksha) only ,few yrs back ,locations like Kashmir/Prague/Delhi, hit Music , which earlier seemed to look like main theme , but as story unfolds it is the journey of a young raw musician who is chasing his passion ,who wanted to get himself hurt , but in the process really get punished ,became self destructive and all fame, glory, achievements >>> just worthless at the end. Imtiyaz Ali has mastered the art of romance with complex relations ( Rishtey in my words) , normally initially they do not understand what it is , only after separation (JWM/LAK) they came to know what it was , Confused , may be! Finally it is the power pack performances which elevated this soul curry , to another level , perfectionised by Ranbir , his wits Gulzar/Vishal type ( kameeni), youthfulness ( time for oldies to leave now),lover boy looks , head gears ,Rustic Wardrobe, beard, his comfort with guitar , stage performance as mega star , pain , anger , frustration , Sadda Haq, Ranbir , Parinde ,more pain, Parinde ghar aa jaa ,Tu hee rakkh , Ranbir… Noir ,

Tu Hee Rakh ....
Saale ..

We all wanted to know !!Why they didn’t tell each other when she has mehndi and asked him to hug her ,what she meant by telling the sach otherwise ! which he was unable to reciprocate or why she didn’t accepted his casual offer to run away thru back door ,so many questions , & many more answers as per yr own interpretations , this is where it involve you , invite you to become part of the movie , with many questions remain unanswered , Why ,Why not ? when we left the hall silently ,still feeling may be she will join him ,as she was recovering  ,why he is in so much pain! Give him what he deserves! Why separate them who are made for each other ….

Canteen : Abbe Etnee see Chutney …….

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lal Pathar : Geet Gata hun Mein.

Geet Gata hun Mein , Kishore , Raaj Kumar , Hema

I feel Lal Pathar was  a land mark movie for Hema , as she got extremely good role of a Rani with grey shade,This song " Geet Gata Hun" is memorable , just watch Raaj Kr, seems to be born with Raja tag , His silk kurta , dhoti , Cigar, Mozri (shoes) & seating style & of course his Arrogance , he may be the only person who was liked for his  .I am quite impressed with visual part , specially facial expressions , Rani , Raja.
Soft lover boy Vinod Mehra acted very well ,song is basically about sacrifice he made .A complex tragic movie .

Link : Geet Gata hun Mein

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Firoz Khan : Style Icon

Firoz Khan : Style Icon
Café Reminiscence

My Bog is incomplete without mentioning Firoz Khan , our own desi Cow boy.In style of his own , western ,tons of confidence , remember how Hema Malini remember him :
"He was the first and last man who called me ‘Baby’. No one has ever dared to call me that. I wish they would. What a suave man he was. When I agreed to do Dharmatma he made it very clear that I was there in the first-half of the film only. He said, ‘You can’t say no, Baby!’ That was a new experience for me. My mother was more shocked than I was. With everyone addressing me as ‘ji’ it feels nice if someone comes up with a term of endearment."
I watched almost all his movies , Khote Sikke , Dharmatma,Apradh , Kurbani , Nagin , Safar, Upasana, Mela.
In fact i felt sorry for him in movie Safar , as his character was of a looser , of a jealous husband , which is in contrast of his image , still his song "Jo tumko ho pasand" is one of my few fav songs by Mukesh.
His colourful king size life is well known, Formula Cars, horses,Leather ,guns,winking.

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