Saturday, November 5, 2011

Firoz Khan : Style Icon

Firoz Khan : Style Icon
Café Reminiscence

My Bog is incomplete without mentioning Firoz Khan , our own desi Cow boy.In style of his own , western ,tons of confidence , remember how Hema Malini remember him :
"He was the first and last man who called me ‘Baby’. No one has ever dared to call me that. I wish they would. What a suave man he was. When I agreed to do Dharmatma he made it very clear that I was there in the first-half of the film only. He said, ‘You can’t say no, Baby!’ That was a new experience for me. My mother was more shocked than I was. With everyone addressing me as ‘ji’ it feels nice if someone comes up with a term of endearment."
I watched almost all his movies , Khote Sikke , Dharmatma,Apradh , Kurbani , Nagin , Safar, Upasana, Mela.
In fact i felt sorry for him in movie Safar , as his character was of a looser , of a jealous husband , which is in contrast of his image , still his song "Jo tumko ho pasand" is one of my few fav songs by Mukesh.
His colourful king size life is well known, Formula Cars, horses,Leather ,guns,winking.

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