Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tesu (Palash) Ke Phool

Café Reminiscence : Tesu ,Palash
Café Reminiscence
Recent business trip to Raipur/Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh was  good , moreover travelling in between small towns & seeing  kachhe ghar . Greenery , water ponds ( many found there)  , Seeing village men/women washing cloths on Pond /river steps ,boys diving ,Animals , Khet , is always enthralling.
Reason to blogpost this trip is Tesu , I was delighted to see lots of Tesu trees &  Holi season  is blooming time for Tesu , such a beautiful tree/flower , natural color/dye , having traditional value , as  dry Tesu flowers were being used to make colors for Holi .Tesu is also having literary value like Cactus ( liked by Poets)
.I heard there are good handicraft items are available , but was unable to get some due to time constraint.
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