Friday, March 25, 2011

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk

Godhuli Bela :गोधूलि बेला ::Dusk
Café Reminiscence

 I do not know , but I am always fascinated with this Hindi word " गोधूलि ",and the meaning associated with it.
Go ( Cow) worshiped by we Hindus.
It was decided long back , that if I ever own a big house , I will name it “Godhuli” OR “Sharanam”.

गोधूलि शब्द का अर्थ हॅ - गो + धूल = अर्थात गायों के पॅरों से उठने वाली धूल।
पुराने समय में जब गायें जंगल से चरकर वापस आती थीं तो पता चल जाता था कि शाम होने वाली हॅ। इसलिए इस समय विशेष को गोधूलि बेला कहने लगे। अर्थात संध्या का समय।
Evening time the cowherds bring the cattles back home & eager to embrace their  calves , the loose red soil of the kachha pagdandi (road) blown in the air by the Cow’s khur (feet) , form red clouds & Sun appeared red , the this particular Dusk time called “Godhuli Bela” or magical twilight . Which is not just any particular time of the day , but symbolizes Indian Kissan  way of life .
2nd Picture was taken from TOI ,way back in 2002 , traced finally ,as I just luv the scene.

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  1. I am desperate to click Godhuli Bela pics at any part of India , wanted to feel n see how it looks like , may be sometime in future.


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