Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

The Bridges of Madison County , Clint Estwood
Story of love that happens just once in a lifetime -- if you're lucky.

Marvelous , fantastic movie , whole night movie was being played in my sub conscious mind , in dreams ,  like a flash back.Based on  my fav subject , “ Rishtey” .
2 Most talented actors ever, Old cow boy still looks so handsome , any women can feel weakness in her knees , his dresses , jeans , thick cotton shirts , Ahh fantastic. He still carry his cow boy style ,watch him how he uses his lighter , although he changed his signature smoking style of a rowdy (GBU)  to a sober professional National Geographic Photgrapher.
Nostalgic  reminiscences  ,picturestic  country side , river, big wooden farm house  , an ideal vacation home one can dream of , which I am searching for, somewhere near Bombay ( Nashik/Panvel).
Meryl Steep in her 50’s , her  anxiety like a 16 yr old girl just  to have  a glimpse of him , her excitement while putting message (post it) on the Rosamunde bridge. Living her whole life in span of just 4 days & ruminate for whole life ,thinking how beautiful those 4 days were ,which infact  caused pain only, for rest of her life ,how sad! , which she also expressed in her letter something like' I  thought about him almost everyday throughout my life'.
Movie has everything like Cast,Performances, Family ,Romance , Nostalgia , Relations , Responsibilities ,Thoughtful conversations , Travel , Alcohol ,Life , Kids , National Geographic …
Last time ,I had this feeling , when I watched “Meet Joe Black” in Malaysia , Tamil director Cheran  “ Autograph” was also likeable and one can cherish for many years or may ruminate.
My Fav scene “ when Francesca holding car door handle & in dilemma of staying with the family Or to  go with him.”
Thanks !!
Readers are welcome to suggest similar movies ,as a must watch.

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