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Die Virte Macht:(Germany) :The Fourth State

Café Reminiscence : The Fourth State

Die Virte Macht:(Germany) : The Fourth State 

A fast action packed political thriller , truly a movie 
Par excellence ,brilliant acting by lead & supporting actors , geo political plot , insight view of Russian so called Federal Democracy , Story revolves around a German journalist who's late father was also a renowned rebellious journalist , who wanted to expose state sponsored terrorism.

After moving to Russia from Germany Paul Jensen (Moritz BleibtreuHe ) used to work for a celebrity tabloid,owned by his father's friend , tabloid is cater to nou·veau riche population, problem starts when he witnessed murder of a senior journalist and met fellow journalist Katza (Kasia Smutniak ) who is a rebellious & wanted to publish facts about the murder of the journalist by the federal secret service , she manages to convince Paul to publish the facts, who then publish the murder story in his celebrity tabloid without taking prior approval & got fired & become Bête noire for going against the system. Russian government has imposed strict censorship on media & his action puts his tabloid & jobs of his colleagues on stake.

Actual story unfolds after a bomb exploded after his meeting with Katza near same bus stop & nine people got killed including Katza ??.He was arrested on charges of involvement in terrorist activities and having linked with his few meeting old lady love Katza's activist brother , whom he casually met at an anti government rally and at a drinks party , he was sent to the prison where he met Chechnya leader who knows his father , as his father took his interview which was never got published ,Movie also portrays inside of prison horrible , inhuman conditions and torture to suppress Chechnya rebels .Somehow with the help of his Uncle he manages to get himself freed & on suspicion of getting killed in an encounter he escapes & surprise to know involvement of his own people including ...    he came to know about the conspiracy to nab him for his article as well as for being a son of an anti government journalist , he finally able to find the CD his father left for him , where he finds all the evidences of a multi story building bomb blast which infact was carried out by the federal  agencies to divert peoples attention from the corruption charges , oil money & to attack Chechnya to regain power ,which actually helped the ruling party in getting land slide victory in elections .Movie was shot in Moscow & Ukarine & pace of the movie keeps you engaged through out.This was my last movie at the film festival which turn out to be the bestest at least for me.

There was an interesting dialogue which justifies the terrorist activities by the agencies " Only during terror threats people of a country gets united & country can flourish".

Café Reminiscence :Kasia Smutniak
Kasia Smutniak

Now another reason for my Blah Blah for the movie is
 Femme fatale    Kasia Smutniak   ( Katza) , what a face n personality to die for or to go to prison , lean, tall ,expressive , pout .She is a Polish supermodel , acted in many international movies like "La Passione" and "From Paris With Love" & is a fashion diva .She speaks fluent Polish, Russian, English and Italian and is a mother of an eight yr old daughter , she had also hosted the Opening Ceremony at the 69th Venice Film Festival in September 2012.

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