Friday, April 12, 2013

Kuwait after 20 yrs.

Café Reminiscence : Kuwait
Sea view fr my Window : Oil Vessel.

Family outing, Sheesha, Bar Be Que , at sea side

Not much change in the industrial areas , as it is , same , also people , however Gulf Road like Corniche , up to famous Kuwait Towers , Saalmiya etc. has been developed beautifully , Greenery , Eateries , sky scrappers , Malls etc.
What I like about all Arab states is their way of enjoyment on weekends , it's like Celebration of 2 , 2 1/2 days , they just go out with full family (Pic) , almost 6-10 persons , with mandatory Sheesha , Bar Be Que , Folding Chairs , Small carpet & of course Black Tea in liters , n food,.they just spend time together somewhere away from home , on beach , Garden , below tree as seen at Taif in Saudi , kids play up to wee hrs , not only man , females also enjoy Sheesha .All this relaxation , fun without TV ,Alcohol , amazing !! & for us Outing , get-together means drinks , male , females in separate groups which is not planned that way but normally comes out like this only in couples gathering as males are more busy with their alcohol & as usual wives complaint that they are getting bored in these gatherings.
I feel we Indians are basically confused ,we are not like Westerners who are staying separately from their parents , bro-sis , get together on some weekends , with full alcohol , wine enjoyed by all mean M/F , and Arabs as said above but we Neither enjoy Alcohol as just like part of food nor live without like Arabs.
Pics are Sea view fr my flat , oil vessel is seen , sunset etc.

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