Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lekin Movie : Bajre Ki Roti

I was looking for this particular scene since long , It remained my one of the the most memorable scene ever , only this 2 minute act somehow had stuck my soul strings and I seldom keep on reminisce the scene n also smell scenet of chulha , bazre ki roti , smoke etc.
The only movie produced by Lata Mangeshkar ,she choose Gulzar to direct as she wanted to produce a good non commercial movie , cast was also very selective dashing Vinod Khanna looks as if he is really belongs to Rajasthan , rajputana style mustache , others were  Hema , Dimple & Amjad Khan.

The Scene after 5: 00 minute  : VK finds Dimple cooking food inside Mahal premises , then he asked her to leave the place as chulha smoke was making Mahal wall blackish , she just ignored his words and  calmly asked him whether he wants Bajre ki Roti ,and VK said yes " Thodi si de do chakh ke dekhunga ( to taste)  " .then he went inside and experience weird scenes ,afterwards she just got disappeared ( Atma/ghost) , next day he finds nothing at the place of cooking , but only a black mark on the wall due to that  chulha smoke.
Fantastic , The best part was she just ignored his blah blah n instead offered him Roti.
Just luv it.

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