Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swades : Pani Le Lo Pani

Café Reminiscence

Wow : What an impact : Train scene in Swades ,
The trains stops at Ajithe and there is a small boy who sells water “pacchis paisey ka ek glass pani” Inspite of having mineral water ,protagonist Mohan buys the water , scene is the turning point of the movie/Of Mohan , arouses mixed emotions of pain, disgust, guilt about his own contirbution for the country.
The Scene , The Expressons , The Train arrival, The Kulhar ( earthen pot) , coin to the boy , counting of coins.
I remember each bit of that.
Unfortunately in that year ,in Filmfare Awards best Scene of the year category, scene (funny) from Humtum was choosen instead of Swades , how commercial we all are.

Link : Pani Le Lo Pani : Swades

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  1. all these awards functions appear fake ...its gud Aamir stays away from them.

    liked the header of your blog! Yaadein are what makes our life..isnt it!!


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