Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swades : Pani Le Lo Pani

Swades :Café Reminiscence

I wanted to tell u , how much i liked that Train scene in Swades ,
The trains stops at Ajithe and there is a small boy who sells water “pacchis paisey ka ek glass pani” Inspite of having mineral water ,protagonist Mohan buys the water , scene is the turning point of the movie/Of Mohan , arouses mixed emotions of pain, disgust, guilt and his own contirbution .
The Scene , The Expressons , The Train, The Kulhar ( earthen pot) , The coin , counting of coins.
I remember each bit of that.
Unfortunately in that year ,in Filmfare Awards, in Best Scene of the year category, Some stupid kids type scene from Humtum was choosen instead of Swades , how commercial we all are.
But not getting chance to tell u all this.
Anyways , Phir Kabhi.

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  1. all these awards functions appear fake ...its gud Aamir stays away from them.

    liked the header of your blog! Yaadein are what makes our life..isnt it!!


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