Monday, August 27, 2012

Indianisation of MTV India : Coke Studio : Madari !

I witnessed MTV India transformation from Only English , American like TV channel to a purely Indian Channel, I remember ,MTV India earlier used to showcase only American countdown songs like Billboard & some other programmes like Grind etc. , Anchors used to speak 100 % in English in Americana ascent , no Hindi words , Bollywood was untouchable . I used to watch it occasionally , now don't even remember programme names ?
When MTV India was launched in 1996 iwas catered only for Urban , Xavier like viewers , they maintained same Hollywood copycat  version for almost a decade & only after 2010 Indianisation process begun & shows like MTV Roadies & Spitsvilla in pure desi versions got huge success.We may now call MTV India as purely Local channel , maybe it is something to do with the change of Guards , now MTV India is owned by Viacom Inc. and Network TV 18 .MTV Roadies is hugely popular with GenX & made RanVijay a heartthrob , reverse is also possible I mean ,may be new desi version is not liked by those , who were more connected with the Original MTV. Youths today don't have much choice as all prime time is reserved for Ekta K Saas Bahu dramas & remaining by Dance & Music reality shows , almost no Indian programmes for Today's urban & semiurban youths ?

MTV now : Sometime back I accidently watched MTV Coke Studio , showcasing North-Eastern unknown artist singing folk music , not at all understand by mainstream Indian viewers ( Ye hee sach hey , We treat them discriminatory like our neighbours  not fellow country wallas , Sad it is ..) . It was in contrast to my perception of MTV  , I mean MTV & Folk wow..It was season 3 when I really started liking the Format of the show ,their effort for unusual fusion of folk, sufi, ghazals & filmy popular music with western . Topmost musicians Like Shankar-Ehsan-Loy , Lewis , KK , Kher , Sunidhi , Vishal, Benny ,Wadali-Sabri bros , Gogoi, Shafqat Amanat Ali etc....nearly all are part of this show alongwith new wannnabes on same stage that too singing jointly gr8 .
Ist song I fell in  luv with was ,Wadali  Bros " Tu Mane Ya Na Mane.." Then   Chitthiye & Jhakki Dil by Sunidhi & others , but finally it is Madari by Vishal & Sonu Kakkar which is my latest passion , it is also a chartbuster , amazing song with Indian Roots lyrics ( Gulzar type), experimental , unusual ,having  matti ki Khushboo like Lines 
 तेरी  रुखी -सुखी , सुखी -रुखी , खा  के  देखा ,हर  एक  निवाला  अमृत  लागे  ! 
& Sonu's Blast  इत्  खराक्के , दुख्हद  वज्जे ,तत्ता  होवे  चूल्हा . आन  फकीर  ते  खखार  जावन ,राज़ी  होवे  बुल्लाह
Although I didn't understand all lyrics.  

Le voilà: Madari : Vishal Dadlani, Sonu Kakkar.
Courtesy : You Tube & MTV Coke Studio

Amazing ..such a passion & devotion , Incredible . Lyrics seems to be amalgamation of Khadi Hindi boli ( rookhi sookhii roti , Madari -Jamoora ), Punjabi , Frontier Pashtun reference Bullah Shah & Gurudwara  , Sufi Makka /Karbala etc. Slight Complicated with modern pop flavor , I was stunned , speechless Wowwww .Both Vishal & Sonu Kakkar are fantastic , Vishal has added another feather in his cap & showed that he is not only a music director , can sing such an Indipop with perfection .Sonu Kakakr energy at full throttle is remarkable .

After-all Coke name is attached with the show , Brand value bhi kuch hey na. True .

Declaimer : I am neither a great fan nor dislike MTV ,Post is about transformation of the channel ,reader's  opinion may differ , Comments are welcome !

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