Friday, September 21, 2012

Barfi! :Rishtey


Barfi! Ranbir


After watching Barfi! & Rockstar I am seriously thinking , Why I am watching other crap movies , RK movies are enough to quench my thirst for the good movies , which force me to think that there is something in every relation   ,hold them , don’t just let them go ,Listen to your heart , spent time with friends/family , Travel more (already) , Long Drives ,Parinde , Rain, Pani ,Train  Music , Drink …..Ahaaa… 

Barfi! is based on my fav subject i.e. Rishtey , therefore a must watch.

Ranbir rocks , what a performance , also PC & Ileana , PC never went overboard ( SRK to learn  ,MNK ?) & Ileana looks  fresh , charming ,honest who loves Barfi! But unable to ignore materialistic requirement , hence choose secure married life but later on regret  her wrong decision & left her home for Barfi! , but too late ..
Ranbir has once again proved that he is a  good actor first  than a Star. His comic timing , adaption . innocence ,child like lover boy act is remarkable .
Apart from brilliant performances , romance ,rejection ,Reminiscences there were too many elements in the movie for me ,to just fall in luv with Burfi! ,a child like boy who follows his instinct , not much bothered for livelihood & social limitations , his funny acts ,enjoys drinks occasionally, steam engine , , train general compartment ,loyalty tests ,cool choti ,bicycle ,picturistic hill station , brick tiled home ,green fields …..
Fav shot :A beautiful girl chasing train in cotton Sari holding a hand bag (PIC) to be with her luv against all odds.

Munna mute hi aannsoo bahaye…..
A must watch.

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