Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hong Kong Airport

Visit to Manila & return via Hong Kong having 5 hour stopover was a great experience , specially visually .I am always fond of  Roads near seaside or also near any water body like River , Lake etc , and if it's  road along with Water I feel ecstatic and always would like to explore such locations , for the same reason I would like to explore Western Ghat sometime.
Airport is on an island, Hong Kong Landing runway is few  feet from the sea shore almost parallel .Also port is not very far  , Skypier at Airport provides speedy  Ferry's & Boats  services to Macau & mainland Hong Kong .Airport location is picturistic , I was more than happy to spent 5 hrs at the airport .Writing post only for the airport is not due to it's technological advance features , which many airports are having but mainly due to it's closeness with the  sea shore & surrounding mountains.

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