Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lebanese TV serial “gj” means “ LAW "

I am in Saudi for short assignment of 3 weeks , here I am getting 2 Hindi Movie Channels , News & other regional , also few English Movie channels. So far I did not watched any Hindi movie , mostly seen or dubbed.

 While surfing TV channels glimpses of a Lebanese TV serial written in Arabic as “gJ” means  “ LAW” caught my attention , beautiful people & panoramic scenes. Now I am hooked to this drama series at 9:45 PM for 1 hr.

Inspired from Richard Gere “ Unfaithful” , I mean it was not Gere who was unfaithful but wife yes, Initial start is exactly similar , even scenes were copied like 1st encounter with books in hand on a windy afternoon & Guy’s nearby home n so on. So what !    I found it worth watching , seems to be customize for Modern Arabic Lebanese society known for their French connection , culturally or even looks , clothing, style , all over the top & fashionable.

Couple anyways is uber chic ,Designer dresses , with 2-3 Audi’s , Tata Range Rover , posh bungalow overseeing beautiful Dhour el Choueir town ,hills , down town, tree lined streets , wooden doors café etc. etc. My fav shot is Nyela driving back home late night after committing 1st crime or rather Sin , Car Flash light & Red lights zooming on a densely populated tree lines & the head line reflection ( see PIC).

Casting is great , all three forming a luv triangle are good looking , my fav is her Husband , I found him too dashing and elite, partially Silver beard suits him very well ,somehow I like his acting as well , a caring husband , caring son ,affectionate father of a girl child , a good business partner etc. , still she cheats on him , reason bored !! I don’t understand their conversations but seems to be a good man but busy with business , over worked , but in that way we all are in some way …

Story revolves round “Nyla” (Nadine Nassib Njeim) actually a former Miss Lebanon with Cindy Craford signature mole , also a fashion designer but no label or business setup, is stunning beautiful & expressive, 3rd angle is Jad (Youssef el Khal) , popular star essayed the role of a painter & a teacher .Whole class room looks like a fashion studio ,During my various stays in Gulf during last 20 years ,I observed that in all Lebanese reality TV shows all spectators are beautifully dressed & urban , I don’t think they represent the country’s well-being , no clue …

While drafting this Post , which took more than a week , I observed that Nyla’s husband is extremely caring for his old bed ridden mother & for another old man , who''s relation I do not understand,  his caring for old may be the reason for my liking for him , maybe I am biased …may be..

Series is a visual delight , a bigger canvas , beautiful cinematography , I enjoyed thoroughly & wait eagerly everyday for 8:45 PM slot on almost all days during my stay here.

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