Sunday, April 19, 2015

Café Reminiscence Tabuk Saudi Arabia

Café Reminiscence Tabuk Saudi Arabia

Visited Tabuk province , north west of Saudi , I reached at Tabuk airport at midnight and then drove to a village near Khayal , night time I was only able to see the mountain range and sea shore , the whole distance is about 150 KM took almost 4 hrs.
Place is on Jordon border (130 KM) and sometime Egypt lights are also visible on clear nights.
While returning I was amazed to see the beautiful road as after few Km from my place we drove along with the Gulf of Aqaba and Red Sea , clean water , as usual Saudis knows how to utilize sea shores or say Corniche , there are tents available on rent on the shore and Bar be Que facilities are available.
After crossing Sharmaa village nearly 45 KM , both sides were having mountain range with dark grey color like iron with almost no plants .After approx. 100 KM I was astonished to see flat wast terrain Red or say Jaipuri pink color and also mountain of same color , beautiful . Color of sand is like one can put in glass jar to keep same in living room.
Seen many big colourful tents near mountains, Saudis used to come on weekends with their family and spent time with the nature ,  day time temperature was around 23 Deg C only .wish to see the same place during evening , but I was short of time to catch the flight , Fir Kabhi...
Enjoyed the whole journey and such a visual delight , that also in a place like Saudi ! Gr8

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