Sunday, July 5, 2015

Visit to Shayabah , Saudi

Visited this strange , isolated place in Saudi for 2 days , Called Shaybah , where ARAMCO has their Oil/Gas processing plant.Located 1000 KM from Dammam , 400 KM from UAE border .No shops , No Gas station , No Hospital for 400 KM .Project site & camp accommodation is  surrounded by huge sand dunes ,I won't say mountain , as it is fine , red sand .At first glance whole area looks picturestic, scenic , but only for a day or two , Living there  is difficult .
Even-though there is huge amount of sand piled up , but it always stays on top, from one dune to another , even during sand storms .Due to  this particular phenomena , there is no accumulation of sand at ground level .
Café Reminiscence

Café Reminiscence

Café Reminiscence

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