Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dev Anand , Ranbir & Void :

Hey Bajpai ! Whhhhhat happened , also A family for whom Saturday means Multiplex , popcorn , any type movie ,good,  bad , sense less etc. ,now NO movies for almost 9 weeks , except Rockstar 4 times , also this movie has spoiled myself & my whole family , nobody is talking to watch Ra none/Don2/ Dirty /Ricky etc  etc. , nobody wanted to dilute the effect of Jordon ,  Heer,Sadda  Haq, Ssaale,Parinde ,Khatana, Platinum Dhingra , Noir  , Shahnai ,& we all still not recovered from hangover .CD is being played over & over again while in drive , @home  !!!
For me Dev was another reason for not feel like watching other movies , eagerly waiting for re release of cult “ Guide” in digitally enhanced 70 mm , Dolby version, it's reproduction is being done by a European ( Prague) music company for Navketan. We are not finding another source who can fill the cinematic  void left by Dev & Rockstar.

Dil Se…….

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