Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Late night cravings : Cutting Chai at 3 AM , 80 Km drive :

Bombay , Chai ,Café Reminiscence
Café Reminiscence

It is normal for us ( family) to come back home  late night 2, 3 AM from city outings , but this crazy outing was somewhat different  ( spoiled in fact) . Saturday night we all 4 family members were chatting & having a light musical singing session post midnight , suddenly tinny/tukur  got this crazy idea of having cutting Chai or Icecream somewhere , A Chai  .. right now !! as usual I was ready for any crazy outing , as for me having a cutting chai @ Thela/Gumti  during a long drive/odd locations/time is a philosophy , a way of life , a mental rejuvenation, not just tea only, Chinese also says “for Chinese, tea is not just tea, it is a combination of Chinese Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism” .
We all got up , I have my linen pajamas on, took sweater/shawls only as any change to casuals/jeans was not permitted & we took mandatory “ Rockstar” CD.  We started  around 1:30 AM , it was calm outside ,dark night , almost empty highway , no red signals ,1st target was to get the fuel for the car , after roaming in & around Thane /Mulund , we finally got the car tank filled @ Bhandup LBS Rd.
We straight away drove to Bandra , then Juhu in search for Tea/ Ice cream parlor , Only those steel container tea wallas were there around taxi stands .Bombay western suburban area is more Bombayish then Central  ,as seen, many  people/groups/families were seen on the roads , outside hotels/discs/bars etc.
Finally we went to the Domestic airport & had Tea/chocolate/Smaosa’s at the food Kiosks in front of the Airport departure gates , almost empty internal roads , only few airport staff & airhostesses were seen  ,special tea prepared by mallu guy was real tasty , it was slightly cold outside ( 3 AM) which enhanced the taste , finally we returned  home at 4 AM.
It was fantastic , crazy experience & we are overjoyed with our impromptu wee hr tea & Samosa’s.

ENJOY ! : Watch this MTV ad Jawani Diwani with cutting chai , which I always remember & was able to trace finally, just luv this promo.

Link : MTV : Ye Jawani : Chai wala

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