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Gulzar : Adorable, pls make more movies/songs !!

Gulzar, Mera Kuch Samaan : Ijaazat, Rishtey

Finally I have decided to write a post about my fav legendary poet/director Gulzar , as I would like to remember him forever thru my blog & will keep on reminiscence about the ultimate soul stirred movies/songs he has contributed .It is too difficult to write something about this Legend ,I tried only to compile some facts , info's & my personal favourites.

He always looks dashing in his signature tinopal white kurta pyjama with thoughtful & smiling face , I do not think I come across any pic of Gulzar in angry or in conflict mood. I always like his voice & keep on listening to him thru his album e.g. Fursat ke raat din , where he lent his voice for short poems at the beginning of each song , like “Paani ki chhapaakon ki awaaz bhi doob gayee” & “Dil mein aise sambhalte hain gham jaise zewar sambhalta hai koi”( refer my earlier post dtd. 6th September,2010 with these poems).I think I started liking Gulzar from Mere Apne itself & became his Adrian fan after Izazat & mera kuch samaan & always fascinated by use of word Kameeni , which I always used in my personal life with same reference,also I asked my wife to keep match box in her Purse , same way Sudha (Rekha) used to keep for Naseer , who normally forgot to bring match box.(Conf'n: I used to smoke , left 15 yrs back , 99.9%).Few months back I was listening FM radio while driving , where Gulzar Saheb was a guest , RJ asked him that you use pen/paper or use computers while writing,he replied he use computer only as Dak khana for mails ,OMG that is Gulzar who can address  e mails as dak khana !!.

Born in Deena(Now in Pakistan) on 18th August, 1934. After partition he came to Delhi. He was working in a garage & used to write small poems , Bimal Roy picks him & made him his asst, during Bandini , It is also said that Gulzar accidentally got break for his 1st Song Mora Gora Ang Layee Le , as SD Burman da was having some conflict with Shailendra , then Bimal Roy asked Gulzar to pen this song .Afterwards he worked for Hrishikesh Mukherjee also in 60’s. Many times I feel that he has Bangla influence in his lyricists & movies which are primarily centered on relationships a.k.a. Rishtey , that too are women oriented .I remember Late Sanjeev Kr interview when Gulzar approached him for Namkeen , Sanjeev Kr told him “ you always told me that I will make a movie for you but tum hamesha women oriented films banate ho , then Gulzar promised him to make male oriented for Sanjeev , but again Namkeen turned out to be a women oriented movie with one of the best combination of Waheeda , Sharmila , Shabana & Sanjeev Kumar who plays the role of a truck driver Gheru , movie is my all time fav & seen plastic Sharmila was transformed into totally different avatar with husky voice & I am still in luv with that voice in Mausam , Namkeen , Sunny etc.Rekha was another actor who has good rapo with  Gulzar & together they gave beutiful movies , like Ghar ,Izaazat .Gulzar got his  next break in Kabuli wala & the penned everlasting lyrics for Khamoshi & Do dooni char , my all time fav songs like Wo Sham , Tum Pukar Lo , Hawaon pe Likh do & explained pyar ko pyar hee rahne do koi naam na do.

Padmabhushan Gulzar has been awarded the Sahitya Akademy Award in 2003 for his collection of short stories "Dhuaan & has won 5 National Awards and 20 Filmfare Trophies. He was honored with a Life Time Achievement Award for his contribution to Hindi Cinema in 2002 by Filmfare. Gulzar also directed crtically acclaimed TV serial on legendary poet Mirza Ghalib .

Direction :
His 1st movie as director was 1971 Mere Apne based on 2 gangs street fighting played by Vinod Khanna & Shatrughan Sinha , a beautiful movie & song Koi hota is still popular.He then directed many classic movies & best work came out with his friend Sanjeev Kumar in Koshish , Mausam , Namkeen,Andhi & comic Angoor.Mausam is unforgettable & too emotional , may be the best from Sanjeev , Achanak starring dashing Vinod Khanna was based on Bombay's famous Nanawati murder case. Izaazat became milestone movie of his , RD & Asha's career with a hugely popular song like Mera Kuch Samaan , which has a interesting story . When Gulzar approached RD for Mera kuch , RD refused , saying that what is this mera samaan , kabad etc. , later on Gulzar got him convinced which ultimately became a cult song later. Gulzar also lyricists all of Vishal Bharadwaj ( chela) movie songs , also approved of tile of his movie “ Kameeney”.

His directional works are :

Mere Apne (1971)
Koshish (1972)
Parichay (1972)
Mausam (1975)
Achanak (1973)
Aandhi (1975)
Khushboo (1975)
Kinara (1977)
Parichay (1972)
Koshish (1972)
Achanak (1973)
Aandhi (1975)
Khushboo (1975)
Mausam (1975)
Kinara (1977)
Kitaab (1977)
Meera (1979)
Sahira (1980)
Namkeen (1982)
Angoor (1982)
Ek Akar (1985)
Ijaazat (1987)
Libaas (1988)
Lekin... (1990)
Maachis (1996)
Hu Tu Tu (1999)

My fav is ultimate Izaazat & Andhi/Namkeen/Lekin ( produced by Lata)/Koshish &Mere Apne .
He also teamed up with Jagjit Singh , Ghulam Ali , Asha & Bhupaendra for ghazal collections  like Marasim . Apart from cinema he is active in his passion i.e. Poetry . like Alaav & many others.

Poet: :Now shifted to separate post for Poems only.Only this touching I kept here , too good.

ईंधन  :

छोटे थे, माँ उपले थापा करती थी
हम उपलों पर शक्लें गूँधा करते थे
आँख लगाकर - कान बनाकर
नाक सजाकर -
पगड़ी वाला, टोपी वाला
मेरा उपला
तेरा उपला

अपने-अपने जाने-पहचाने नामों से
उपले थापा करते थे
हँसता-खेलता सूरज रोज़ सवेरे आकर
गोबर के उपलों पे खेला करता था
रात को आँगन में जब चूल्हा जलता था
हम सारे चूल्हा घेर के बैठे रहते थे
किस उपले की बारी आयी
किसका उपला राख हुआ

वो पंडित था -
इक मुन्ना था -
इक दशरथ था -

बरसों बाद - मैं
श्मशान में बैठा सोच रहा हूँ
आज की रात इस वक्त के जलते चूल्हे में
इक दोस्त का उपला और गया!

Lyricist/Story/Screenplay :
He is also a lyricists extraordinaire and gave Hindi cinema some of the best songs like ;

Wo Sham kuch ajeeb thee
Mujhe jaan naa kaho meri jaa
All Izaazat songs
Ae Ajnabi
Tum pukaar lo,
Fir se aayeo badra bedesi Ab ke Baras
Mere saajan hai.n us paar, mai.n man maar, tuu us paar
Koii hotaa jisako apanaa, ham apanaa kah lete yaaro
Hazaar raahe.n, mu.Dake dekhii.
Hamako manakii shakti denaa, mana vijaya kare
Hamane dekhii hai in aa.Nkho.n kii mahakatii khushabuu
Havaaon pe likh do, havaaon ke naam
Ai zindagii gale lagaa le, hamane bhii tere har ik Gam ko
Aaj kal paanv  zamii.n par nahii.padate mere
Roz Roz Aankhon Taley - Jeeva
Aa dhoop maloon main tere haathon mein
Humne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehekti khushbooK
Chayyan chayyan
Dil dhoondhta hai
Kazrare Kazrare
Bidi Jalay le
Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi
Chupke se Lag ja gale
Tere Bina sona petal
Ane wala Pal
Rat ka nasha abhi
Tere bina zindagi se
Es mod par jate hein
Yara seeli seeili
Dhan tanan dhan tanan
Mera Dil Jo Meraa Hotaa Palako Pe Pakad Letii

As a poet he is  modern in his approach & always experimented with words , who can forget twisting of words  like these ;

Chaddi pahin kar fool khila hey
Panion ke cheete ( Pani as plural) in hu tu tu.
Aisa koi saga nahi jise hamne thaga nahi ( BAB)
Bidi Jalai le jigar se
Ankhe bhee kamal kartee hein , personal se sawal kartee hein.

बे लगाम उड़ती हैं कुछ ख्‍़वाहिशें ऐसे दिल में
‘मेक्सीकन’ फ़िल्मों में कुछ दौड़ते घोड़े जैसे।
थान पर बाँधी नहीं जातीं सभी ख्‍़वाहिशें मुझ से।


याद है इक दिन
मेरी मेज़ पे बैठे-बैठे
सिगरेट की डिबिया पर तुमने
एक स्केच बनाया था
आकर देखो
उस पौधे पर फूल आया है !

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