Monday, July 29, 2013

A medley for the sound by Geetu Hinduja @ The Bandra Base

Café Reminiscence

The Bandra Base *(link)  : My 1st ever experience with such live music at some unexpected location at  Bandra , place was like any 2,3 BHK flat (see pic) , but environment inside was just electric , seating on floor or on dari , total may be approx 50-60 audience  ,Fantabulous . Last moment it was decided to go for
this programme , Nicx agreed, to my surprise she too thoroughly enjoyed retro , soft rock n folk ,
Geetu Hinduja * link (vocal n Guitar) who also wrote these compositions were just amazing , after a long time I have seen such a graceful Granny with tomboyish silver hair , just luv the way she looks , such a graceful unforgettable face n persona ,She was totally in love with herself  n her music , things to learn , how to be happy n enjoy life .

Song we both had enjoyed the most was "White Flowers" , it sounded like ;

"A young boy had gone up to her
holding up strings of mogras
offering it to her with a smile
She held them , she paid , she fixed it in her hair
Girl on scooter  with white flowers on her hair
..   Traffic signal chaos , commotion all around .
She was sitting on a scooter ............"

It was almost 2 hrs of pure soft  music ,at such a beautiful non commercial place , other musicians were also good , like Bandish this time also I enjoyed Flute by Ram.

After music we both went to have Chocolate  desserts , then  went to Band Stand @ 1 AM , it just rained there  .
I always keep on telling myself why I love Bombay ? live music , late night drives ,energy ,  Bombaytes , crowded Restaurants at midnight n above everything it is Sea that fascinates me ,specially at night (looks clean) ,just sit there n listen sound of waves ..

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