Monday, July 1, 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani : Ranbir :

Café Reminiscence : Ranbir Kapoor

We all are hardcore Ranbir Fan , whole family , we all have watched this movie with our friends , then it was decided to watch it together ,  we must , after all it's all about Luving Ranbir Kapoor .
Muzhe Tumse Pyaar Ho Jayega                           Fir Se...                               that is the Tag line .
Cool , soft , sho sheweeet movie , all 4 main characters did justice to their respective roles , even i liked the performance of spoiled , drunk Aditya & Kalki. Ranbir as usual Smart , Handsome no words to describe effortless acting .
Deepika's earlier act as rich brat spoiled girl in Cocktail got her good critic reviews   , proved again her acting skills ,as simple nerd Naina , a totally contrast role ,  just awesome.
A fun filled movie ..must watch.For us it's Ranbir again .

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